IRI THESys offers completion scholarships and pre-doc scholarships! Application deadline is 24th July 2023.

1. THESys Completion Scholarships

THESys completion scholarships are intended to enable doctoral students of the THESys Graduate Program to complete their doctorate. The guidelines for applications for completion scholarships can be found PDF.

2. THESys Pre-doc Scholarships

THESys pre-doc scholarships are designed to support outstanding Master’s students who plan to pursue a doctorate at IRI THESys, HU Berlin. The program offers funding for the transition phase between the end of a Master’s program and the beginning of a doctorate to help the recipients to focus on the preparation of their doctoral proposal. The guidelines for applications for pre-doc scholarships can be found PDF.

Note that the priority is to fund completion of existing theses. Nevertheless, we invite Master students to apply for a pre-doc scholarship, bearing in mind that if demand for completion scholarships is high, these will be prioritized.

Application deadline for both scholarships: 24th July 2023