On February 17th, during the second day of the Making Cities Edible Conference, the winners of the first-ever EdiCitNet awards were announced.

These are the winners: Mellomrommet (“The Space”), a community-driven urban garden initiative in Oslo, Norway; Issam Ben Chaaben, an innovative and resourceful urban farmer in Carthage, Tunisia; RESTLOS GLÜCKLICH e.V., an initiative working with “little food savers” for big impact in Berlin and Gamle Oslo District Farmer, a programme initiated by Bydel Gamle Oslo that has changed young people’s lives by strengthening their relationship to nature.

Thanks for making our cities greener, more sustainable and more social places to live!

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The EdiCitNet Awards aim to recognize, inspire and promote innovative ECS initiatives, processes and approaches with a demonstrated societal impact.

Find out more about the EdiCitNet Awards and the first winners and finalists here.