Since November 2023, THESys Member Prof. Henning Nuissl has been playing an active role in the Circle U. initiative, in which nine leading European universities – including HU Berlin – have joined forces to contribute to democratic, healthy and sustainable social development through teaching and research.

How to strengthen democracy and civic engagement

Together with Claudia Y. Matthes from the Department of Social Sciences at HU Berlin, Henning Nuissl was nominated as Academic Chair of the Circle U. Democracy Hub. Together with his colleagues from the partner universities, he deals with the alarming signs of an erosion of democratic values and discourses and tries to make contributions to strengthening democracy and civic engagement. In doing so, Henning Nuissl builds on his own research work at HU’s Geography Department on new localism, local conflicts and spatial peripheralization processes.

Further information

Further information about the Circle U. Democracy Hub can be found here.