THESys Member Dieter Gerten was recently interviewed by Artur Krutsch for the HU news portal. In this interview, he describes the biggest water wasters and explains what influence our consumption has on local and global water crises. He looks both at the Brandenburg region, which is increasingly affected by droughts, and at California in the United States. Further, he answers questions about virtual water and shows that the average citizen of Berlin consumes more water from other areas of the world than from his own.

KOSMOS-Workshop & KOSMOS-Lesung

Learn more about the topic at Dieter Gerten’s KOSMOS-Workshop “Ich sehe Was(ser), was du nicht siehst” and at his KOSMOS-Lesung “Wasserkrise in der Klimakrise – was nun?” on 29 June 2022 as part of the Open Humboldt Festival.

And read the full interview at HU’s news portal.