The two KOSMOS-Lesungen taking place this summer semester are all about water. In their lectures, Naho Mirumachi (King’s College London) and Dieter Gerten (PIK, HU Berlin) emphasise that we urgently need a new way of dealing with water.

Naho Mirumachi focuses on the relationship between water and society and calls for a new water agenda driven by water diplomacy. Dieter Gerten argues for a new water ethic by developing a panorama of current water crises and those that will worsen in the future, but he also points out possible solutions.

In a KOSMOS workshop with Dieter Gerten and Theresa Frommen (IRI THESys), participants can furthermore explore the traces of virtual water and measure their own water footprint.


05 May 2022, 18.00-19.30
KOSMOS-Lesung with Naho Mirumachi
A water agenda fit for our times
Digital via Zoom
More information: Open Humboldt website

29 June 2022, 19.00-20.30
KOSMOS-Lesung with Dieter Gerten
Wasserkrise in der Klimakrise: was nun?
HU Berlin, Unter den Linden 6, 10099 Berlin, Senatssaal
More information: Open Humboldt website

29 June 2022, 17.00-18.00
KOSMOS-Workshop with Dieter Gerten & Theresa Frommen
Ich sehe Was(ser), was du nicht siehst
More information: Open Humboldt website

What is the KOSMOS Lecture Series?

In his famous Kosmos lectures given in 1827/28, Alexander von Humboldt brought the whole world and every scientific discipline within the span of his attention. He looked at the world from a global perspective in which natural and cultural phenomena are connected in a mutual symbiosis. With the new KOSMOS Lecture Series, which has started in 2019, the Humboldt-Universität is following this tradition from a present-day point of view with two lectures per semester.