Seven IRI THESys Members have been successful in winning the bid for the Einstein Research Unit “Climate and Water under Change” together with a 28 PI consortium including Freie Universität Berlin, Technische Universität Berlin and Charité.

With the funding from the Berlin University Alliance through the Einstein Foundation, the research team will set up an inter- and transdisciplinary research platform to empirically and conceptually investigate the climate-water-governance nexus in Berlin-Brandenburg and contribute to more resilient governance arrangements under significant uncertainties.

How does climate change affect the availability and quality of water? How can the new challenges for water resource management be addressed together with stakeholders? These are just some of the pressing issues the researchers aim to tackle over the next few years.

Involved THESys researchers are Patrick Hostert, Tobia Lakes, Tobias Krüger, Klaus Eisenack, Peter Feind, Christoph Schneider, and Jörg Niewöhner as Co-Speaker. Project spokesperson is Britta Tietjen (FU).

Find the press statement of the Berlin University Alliance here.