THESys Member Robert Arlinghaus explains in the podcast series “Forschergeist” why fishing has positive effects on ecosystems.

Anglers as protectors of fish

Around 3.3 million Germans fish regularly. But their passion is also seen controversially: doesn’t fishing endanger stocks and harm the environment?

Robert Arlinghaus is one of the few researchers who look at angling scientifically, focusing on aspects of sustainability and the responsible use of nature. He says: “Fishing clubs are often nature conservation clubs that care about the protection of species.” And this can actually improve fish habitats.

Find the whole episode with Robert Arlinghaus here: Angeln und Naturschutz

Forschergeist is a podcast about education and research. It offers insights into the work of scientists and tries to fathom what constitutes Forschergeist: Curiosity, perseverance and courage.

Photo credits: IGB/David Ausserhofer