IRI THESys’ EdiCitNet project invites to its conference “Advancing the Edible City: Ideas, Practices and Systems” which will take place in Barcelona, Spain, from 15–17 March 2023. Registration is open now!

Advancing the Edible City: Ideas, Practices and Systems

This conference brings together leading researchers, policymakers and city administrators, civil society actors, green city activists and entrepreneurs to explore the sustainable development of urban food systems for greener, more social, more resilient cities.

With keynote addresses, roundtable discussions and chances to discuss and network, this three-day event will explore the latest findings on the power of urban food innovation to tackle social, ecological and economic challenges within cities – including insights from international Living Labs. It will also explore the social, technical, ecological, governance and financial challenges to scaling up sustainable edible nature-based solutions (NBS) and anchoring them in current and future urban planning.  

Beyond highlighting successes, potentials and next steps for further action, the event also aims to generate guidelines on how to successfully integrate edible NBS into city planning, offering ideas to decision-makers in policy and business and addressing the societal and environmental problems facing our communities and our cities today.

Whether you are a newcomer to the topic of urban food innovation, or a seasoned professional, here are just a few reasons why Advancing the Edible City is the event you don’t want to miss. Join and you’ll get the chance to:

  • Hear first-hand experiences from expert practitioners in the field of urban farming, community gardening and sustainable food collectives.
  • Explore recent developments, successes and challenges from international Living Labs.
  • Learn about what different cities are doing to integrate edible city policies and strategies into their urban planning.
  • Discover exciting and successful edible city initiatives from around the world, via the winners of the Edible Cities Network Awards.
  • Network with experts and like-minded people from around the world and build alliances for more resilient urban food futures.

Find out more and register to attend Advancing the Edible City.