Events 2022

  • Jun

    River Stories. A Walkshop along the Spree & Panke

    What can rivers tell us? What political stories and cultural ideas do they hold? What do rivers reveal about the state of our planet? How have perspectives of flowing water changed historically and what does this mean for the future of rivers?

    The project AnthropoScenes and the Mosse Lectures invite you to join Lothar Müller (journalist and literary scholar) and Tobias Krüger (hydrologist and IRI THESys Member) on a walk along the Spree andPanke to talk about the rivers and their stories. Artistic interventions and musical surprises from the Theater of the Anthropocene  at different stations of the walk will provide further inspiration and material for conversations.

    The event will take place 16:30 - 18:30. Tickets can be reserved through

    Friedrich Albert Schwartz, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons