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    THESys Workshop

    Managing Inter- and Transdisciplinary Processes –
    Claims and Orientation

    30 September 2022, 09:30-16:30, IRI THESys, room 3.40

    What is the workshop about?

    Participants' experiences will inform the workshop, but in-depth experience with inter- and transdisciplinarity is not compulsory. One goal of the workshop is to provide participants with guidance on how to reflect on and plan inter- and transdisciplinary processes. Another goal is to enable participants to reflect on their own skill profile with a focus on managing inter- and transdisciplinary projects and to identify their potential and interest in deepening their expertise.

    Which elements will be included?

    * Basics of inter- and transdisciplinary research (added value, quality requirements, challenges and success factors)
    * Tasks of managing inter- and transdisciplinary projects (management model for structuring processes)
    * Transdisciplinary research (principles for structuring collaboration, specific challenges, expectation management, participation goals)
    * Role and expertise of management leaders (content-rich facilitation, dimensions
    of expertise, repertoire of methods)

    At the beginning of the workshop there will be a round of introductions (background and projects of the participants; role of inter- or transdisciplinarity in the different projects). The following work formats will be used in the workshop: lecturer's inputs; plenary discussions; individual work; group discussions.


    Antonietta Di Giulio is the leader of the Research Group Inter-/Transdisciplinarity at Universität Basel. Her research interests are inter- and transdisciplinarity in research and in teaching, as well as the idea of sustainability and education and sustainable development. She is also a lecturer and workshop leader within the Postdoc Academy for Transformational Leadership.

    Deadline for registration: 25 August 2022
    Please register with Kathrin Klementz (

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