To support the dialogue between science and society, as well as researchers across different disciplines, IRI THESys holds both external and internal events. This includes lecture series, summer universities and panel discussions open to the public, and participative workshops, colloquiums and activities for IRI THESys. Browse through our past and upcoming events to find out more.

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    IRI THESys Reading Group

    Summer semester 2023/2024

    The Reading Group will gather again this semester to discuss diverse texts addressing concepts and research topics connected in one way or another with the notion of the Anthropocene. This time, we will also count on the support of IRI's working groups, who will bring texts that have been discussed during their own meetings – in some cases even written by their members. This is a way of embracing the exchange among our different groups and getting to know better the work of our colleagues at IRI THESys.

    We will meet during the following days from 10:30 to 12 pm – always hybrid at IRI THESys, Rudower Chaussee 12B, room 3.25, and online.

    For more details to join the sessions, please get in touch with Tomás Usón.

    Semester Program

    April 26th: IRI THESys Reading Group
    We will read part of Stefan Helmreich’s A Book About Waves to talk about waves, the sea, and the Anthropocene. Session organized by Desirée Hetzel.

    May 17th: IRI THESys Reading Group & Situated Modelling Group
    Session around the concept of "collective subject positions" (own paper), organized by Krystin Unverzagt

    June 21st: IRI THESys Reading Group & Infrastructure Group
    Text to be confirmed, organized by Gretchen Bakke

    July 19th: IRI THESys Reading Group & Decolonial Research Group – decoco
    Text to be confirmed, organized by Jorge Vega