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  • Oct

    HU Conference: Fragile Lives 2024

    Evidence for human development, food security, and peace in poly-crises

    Fragile Lives 2024 is an international expert conference on the use of rigorous, scientific evidence for the development of knowledge-based policy interventions in fragile, conflict-affected and under-developed scenarios.

    1-2 October 2024 // HU Berlin Unter den Linden 6, Senatssaal

    The conference Fragile Lives 2024 will focus on how poly-crises shape individuals, institutions, and interventions at the micro-level and the policies that can boost resilience and coping capacities in the context of these shocks.

    Across three themes, we will examine the drivers, dynamics, and impacts of poly-crises, spanning violent conflict, humanitarian emergencies, and the climate crisis:

    1. Lives and Livelihoods - How do people respond to and cope with poly-crises around the world?
    2. Achieving Zero Hunger - How do we best increase food security in poly-crises?
    3. Peace and Prosperity - How can rigorous evidence inform the design of effective peacebuilding measures?

    Across two days, Fragile Lives 2024 will:

    1. Present rigorous analyses of questions of significant policy interest in the compounding challenges poly-crises;
    2. Discuss how causal evidence can be used to develop new policy to improve the lives and livelihoods of people affected by such shocks and poly-crises;
    3. Offer novel policy recommendations for how to protect and support vulnerable households and institutions; and
    4. Connect academia and practice across disciplines, institutions, sectors, and countries to facilitate learning on how to deal with our increasingly uncertain and challenging world.

    Call for Papers

    Each of the workshops has published its own CfP and the paper submission deadline is 10 May.

    HiCN (

    AFK Methods (

    LEADS (

    Further information

    Fragile Lives 2024 is organized jointly by the Zero Hunger Lab of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin with IRI THESys and Leibniz Institute of Vegetables and Ornamental Crops (IGZ).

    Local Organizers of Fragile Lives 2024:

    Tilman Brück (IGZ, HU Berlin and ISDC),
    Jonathan Garcia (IGZ and HU Berlin) and
    Dorian Lötzer (ISDC)

    Conference Fee: 150 EUR / 100 EUR