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    Rights of Nature Workshop

    Rights of Nature: Framing, Practicing, Spreading

    Saturday, 6 July 2024, 15.00-19.00
    On-site: Forum of the Institute of Architecture, Technical University of Berlin, Straße des 17 Juni 152, 10623 Berlin

    This workshop offers an in-depth exploration of the ideas, strategies, and challenges involved in implementing the rights of nature in Europe as both a praxis and a legal framework. Focusing on the Mar Menor in Spain, the first European ecosystem to be protected under this legal framework, the workshop will examine the legal innovation introduced by this case in the European region. Together with Teresa Vicente, law professor from the University of Murcia and 2024 Goldman Price, we will delve into the history of its implementation and explore, together with the writer and activist Camille de Toledo and Emmanuel Schlichter (Rechte der Natur e.V.), the possibilities that this case opens for the River Loire in France and Germany, places where the rights of nature as a legal framework are being promoted. We will also present the teaser of the documentary “The Summer of ‘22” by Lorenzo Sandoval and finish with the inauguration of the photo exhibition “A Signature for the Mar Menor. Photographing Processes” from the artist and activist Estefanía Sánchez-Guerrero and the curator Pedro Ortuño (University of Murcia).

    With this event, we aim to provide a unique platform for transdisciplinary exchange where scholars, environmental activists, and documentarists can share their views and thoughts on the challenges and opportunities of implementing nature rights as a legal framework in Europe. By offering this platform, we hope to reflect on what it means to legally recognize the rights of other-than-human entities and the potential of such a framework to promote justice from a multispecies perspective.

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    This workshop is part of the BUA project “Re-Scaling Global Health: Human Health & Multispecies Cohabitation on an Urban Planet” (more information at