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  • Jul

    Documentary Film Screening

    At the event, Theresa Frommen from Humboldt University (formerly Freie Universität Berlin) and freelance filmmaker Katalin Ambrus screened their two documentary films about a participatory and interdisciplinary hydrogeological project in India. The films were a result of the close cooperation between the filmmaker and scientist and includes the full-length documentary ‘Pani Check - The Sisterhood of Water’ (2019) which delves into the lives of  Rekha Devi, Zeenat Begum and other illiterate women who work with Theresa, as well as the shorter educational film ‘Pani Doctors - Join the Sisterhood of Water’ (2019) which sees the Indian slum ‘Khara Kuaa’ transform into a colorful theatre stage as Rekha Devi, Zeenat Begum and their neighbours unpack the scientific water test kit. An educational musical developed in collaboration with the women from two slums in Jaipur, who participated in a hydrogeological model project. The films were streamed over YouTube and were  followed by a live Q & A with Theresa and Katalin over Zoom to give an opportunity to learn more about the process, production and people behind the films.