To support the dialogue between science and society, as well as researchers across different disciplines, IRI THESys holds both external and internal events. This includes lecture series, summer universities and panel discussions open to the public, and participative workshops, colloquiums and activities for IRI THESys. Browse through our past and upcoming events to find out more.

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    Kosmos Conference

    On the occasion of Alexander von Humboldt’s 250th birthday and in light of his famous Kosmos lectures, IRI THESys and the Geography Department staged the KOSMOS Conference at HU Berlin. Termed ‘Navigating the sustainability transformation in the 21st century’ this conference provided a landmark for today’s great challenges towards sustainability.

    A critical and constructive debate on the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) was the focal point of the conference. Linking to Alexander von Humboldt’s perspective on nature and humanity as a web of interconnections, it targeted the symbiosis between disciplines by bringing together scientists from all fields and nations.

    The KOSMOS Conference made use of classic and cutting-edge conference formats: expert forums, poster sessions, a treasure quest, public debates, a citizen scientist table, a bar camp, and a market place. Every conference day was opened by a keynote lecture, and was marked by a public KOSMOS lecture held by Johan Rockström. For further information please visit:

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