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  • Jul

    Interdisciplinary Dialogue: Heterodox economic approaches to land use change and conflict - Institutional framing and economic valuation

    Economic analysis uses a wide range of methods for the study of land use decision making. This interdisciplinary dialogue explored two different economic approaches to land use and land use conflict through a panel consisting of Jesko Hirschfeld (Institute for Ecological Economy Research in Berlin, IÖW), Sarah Keuthmann ( WINS/IRI THESys, HU Berlin), Julian Sagebiel (IÖW), Wibke Crewett (WINS/IRI THESys, HU Berlin). On the one hand, Wibke Crewett and Sarah Keuthmann explored the example of bioeconomy feedstock production and short rotation coppices. They thereby discussed land use change from an institutional economics perspective, which emphasises the role of institutional arrangements by using contextual in-depth studies. Jesko Hirschfeld and Julian Sagebiel complemented this perspective on land use change and present a conceptual framework for extended cost-benefit analyses and a discrete choice experiment on the economic valuation and monetarization of land management associated ecosystem services.