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  • Feb

    Making Sustainability Public: Storytelling for Transformation

    To explore how storytelling can shape alternative futures, the author Jessi Jezewska Stevens and the new project AnthropoScenes will present their work and processes to the THESys community. The event will take place on Zoom from 13:15-14:45 and be moderated by THESys Member Klaus Eisenack who is both part of AnthropoScenes, leading the work package ‘Serious Gaming: Digitalising Water Futures', as well as Head of Resource Economics Group at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin where Jessi is based for the next year.

    Jessi is an American novelist and writer and is currently drafting her third novel, The Violet Hour, exploring the challenges of political compromise and international coordination in the face of climate adaptation efforts. Her forthcoming novel, The Visitors, also deals with themes of eco-hacking and economic transformation in politically- and ecologically-stressed democracies. In the presentation, she will examine storytelling in relationship to economic transformation, making a typical individual writing practise public. In addition, she will explore the idea of preparing ourselves for possible futures--both from within narrative structures or novels, and in the context of the narrative responsibility of the novelist: How should the contemporary novel respond to a moment of ecological crisis? 

    AnthropoScenes aims to make sustainable water futures public by entwining theatrical and performative elements with transdisciplinary research. Throughout the next three years, AnthropoScenes plans to use storytelling through different artistic mediums, including dance, song and performances. The objective is to involve stakeholders and publics in a way that develops water futures under climate change for the region and beyond. With this co-creative and deliberative approach, the interdependencies of material, social, and institutional change are continuously assessed. 

    To obtain the Zoom link, please contact Pauline Münch.