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  • May

    Digital KOSMOS-Lesung with Naho Mirumachi

    A water agenda fit for our times

    When? 5 May 2022, 18.00-19.30
    Where? on Zoom (register here)

    This KOSMOS lecture will explore the major challenge of governing water as societies around the world face impacts of climate change. Water scarcity, pollution, degraded ecosystems and water-related hazards will continue to affect states, regions and communities. This challenge exposes the interconnections and dependencies of governments as states physically share rivers but also engage in global political processes to adapt water management. A new water agenda is needed to navigate these challenges. Water diplomacy can drive this agenda and go beyond abating water conflicts. Through water diplomacy, we need to tackle key questions on how we use water to produce food, take care of agricultural land, build urban environments, and provide water services and infrastructure. The lecture offers ideas on how it is possible to transform the relationship between water and society and to redress inequalities borne through water use and lack of access.

    With: Naho Mirumachi, Reader in Environmental Politics at the Department of Geography at King's College London, Co-author of the book "Water Conflicts"

    Moderation: Tobias Krüger, Professor of Hydrology & Society, Geography Department & IRI THESys at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

    The event will take place digitally on Zoom. The access data will be emailed to you after registration. Please register on the Open Humboldt website.