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    the world flames like a disco kugel

    From the minds of playwrights Thomas Köck and Mateja Meded, the world flames like a disco ball is a mythical tale inspired by the current era of climatic variability and extremes. In the piece, the impacts of drought and water pollution have wiped out the human race and dried out the Styx, the river of the dead. Now the souls of the deceased can no longer cross into the realm of the dead and remain trapped on the river banks. Köck and Meded ask if a refound love for the planet can help turn the tides to bring back water and carry the spirits onwards...

    Tickets can be purchased for all four events on the RambaZamba webpage.

    The play is a collaboration with the RambaZamba Theater, the Theater of the Anthropocene and AnthropoScenes and is funded within the framework of the Excellence Strategy of the German federal and state government by the Berlin University Alliance. Accompanying events with scientists from the Humboldt University, the Free University and the Technical University on various aspects of the past and future of water will accompany the production.

    Location: Schönhauser Allee 36-39, 10435 Berlin, Germany

    Photo Credit: Phillip Zwanzig