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  • Jan

    Members Lecture with Dagmar Mithöfer

    Agrifood chains and sustainable development: The case of emerging food chains

    12 January 2023, 16.15-17.45, hybrid:  HU Berlin, Dorotheenstr. 26 & online

    With increasing urbanization, the commercialization potential for underutilized food resources grows and business opportunities along value chains arise. Parallel we observe low diversity in diets and further manifests of the triple burden of malnutrition. In the larger context of the sustainable development goals the talk takes a food systems perspective and traces how food chains evolve at the example of underutilized food resources in East Africa. The talk identifies business opportunities for women in emerging food value chains and factors shaping integration of emerging food crops into diets. The talk concludes by questioning the implications of value chain emergence for conservation of the underlying resource base.

    Dagmar Mithöfer is Professor for Agrifood Chain Management at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Her research interests include topics in agrifood chain development and management; sustainability standards; sustainability and business management; impact assessments; rural development. She is interested in the organisation of supply chains and linkages between actors in local, regional and international markets. The agrifood chain management group currently is involved in multiple research projects on emerging food resources such as African indigenous fruits, African indigenous vegetables and edible insects. The group also conducts research on the emergence of global value chains and sustainability standards

    The event takes place as part of the lecture series "Der grüne Faden" organized by the student-driven Sustainability Office at HU Berlin.