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    Interdisciplinary Dialogue with Meera Oomen, Alejandro Camargo & Benno Fladvad

    Where is the unequal? Unboxing Socio-ecological Inequalities
    A dialogue from conservation, water and energy research 

    02 June 2023, 13.15-14.45, hybrid (at IRI THESys & online)

    Recently, the socio-environmental challenges of living in the Anthropocene have sparked an interest in re-conceptualize inequality. From a traditional economic focus - based on income disparities or access to resources - the academic discussion is broadening the concept of inequality to include material, ecological, political, and cultural dimensions.

    Different research communities - from environmental justice to political geography - are working to intertwine social and material relations and analyze how inequalities emerge. Some scholars elaborate on 'nature and the environment' as arenas of political struggle modeled by structural inequalities. Others focus on analyzing differentiation practices (of class, gender, and racialization) and power relations to understand knowledge and control over nature.  While others describe how global and local processes of social-environmental change also alter individual bodies and health conditions.

    These diverse research trends seek to weave inequalities' multiscalar and entangled characteristics. However, many research and methodological challenges exist on how, where, and when those entangled inequalities occur. Are inequalities turning into a 'given' situation when researching human-environment systems? What does it imply to unbox this concept, and how can interdisciplinary teams harness new research approaches?

    During the Interdisciplinary Dialogue, we will discuss these inquiries with Dr. Meera Oomen (Dakshin Foundation, India), Prof. Dr. Alejandro Camargo (Universidad del Norte, Colombia), and Dr. Benno Fladvad (Universität Hamburg, Germany). Their experiences range from wildlife conflicts in Indian forests and marine systems to water pollution in the river Deltas of Colombia, and justice struggles with green hydrogen in Northern Europe. We will use these diverse entry points to discuss the commonalities and differences of encountering socio-ecological inequalities in conservation, water, and energy research.

    This event is organized by Laura Betancur, Jamie Burton, Miguel Angel La Rosa Salazar, Rossella Alba and Paz Araya. The group will moderate the discussion.


    If you are interested in participating online, please contact Laura Betancur () for the appropriate login information to Zoom.