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    Book Presentation with Naho Mirumachi

    Water: A Critical Introduction

    01 December 2023, 13.15-14.45
    IRI THESys, Rudower Chaussee 12B, room 3.25, and online on Zoom
    (Meeting ID: 667 8961 2751, PW: 552676)

    The traditional hydrological view of water – based on how water circulates in the system as clouds, as rain water and as vapour – provides an incomplete picture and prevents us from solving water-related challenges, particularly in the context of climate change.

    In contrast, the book Water: A Critical Introduction argues that a ‘hydrosocial’ understanding of water reveals how the social practices and geometries of power fundamentally shape the flows, availability, conflicts, inequities and potential solutions to improve water sustainability.

    The book brings together original research by the four authors – Dr Katie Meehan, Prof Mirumachi, Prof Alex Loftus, and Dr Majed Akhter – along with case studies from critical scholars from around the world. It is written in accessible language for students and policymakers from any discipline who are studying or doing work on water and related challenges.

    In this event, one of the authors, Naho Mirumachi, presents the book to the public.

    Naho Mirumachi is Professor of Environmental Politics at the Department of Geography at King’s College London and Co-Director of King’s Water Centre. Her research focuses on the governance of water resources and climate security, including water diplomacy, water-climate security, water resilience and socio-political barriers to water sustainability. She has written reports for UN Environment, European Parliament and contributed to the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report.

    The event is organized by Rossella Alba.

    More information on the book can be found here.