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    Climate Workshop

    Justice in Finance for Climate Change Adaptation and Loss and Damage

    22-23 February 2024
    HU Berlin, Unter den Linden 6 (room 2249 A, 2070A &1066e)

    Project adjust, Climate Analytics and the IRI THESys at HU Berlin are delighted to invite you to a workshop on justice in finance for climate change adaptation and loss and damage in Berlin.

    Funding for climate adaptation and Loss and Damage are key issues in international climate policy debates. The Paris Agreement calls for finance to support developing countries implement adaptation measures, and at COP26 a doubling of the collective provision of adaptation finance from 2019 levels by 2025 was agreed. More recently, COP27 established new funding arrangements and a fund to provide financial support to developing countries to respond to loss and damage. At the same time, the 2022 Bridgetown Initiative and 2023 Paris Summit have put a spotlight on reforms of multilateral financial institutions to increase access to climate finance, and given impetus to relieving debt distress in the face of climate-related disasters.

    Efforts to mobilise adaptation finance are failing to meet the immense and growing needs of developing countries. Part of the mobilisation challenge is the difficulty of measuring adaptation needs, effectiveness and outcomes. This is a key issue in the ongoing negotiations for a New Collective Quantified Goal on climate finance, which is expected to be agreed at COP29. At the same time, the possible elements of new funding arrangements and the design of the fund for responding to loss and damage have moved to the centre of political discussions. These processes will provide a rich context for  discussing and reflecting on issues in finance for adaptation and loss and damage.

    This workshop seeks to promote exchange between academics, decision-makers, representatives from NGOs, and think tanks. A particular spotlight will be on bridging theory and practice. We thus invite contributions on a broad range of issues, including the normative considerations in the distribution of adaptation and loss and damage finance, empirical analyses of existing distribution channels, on-the-ground experiences in accessing adaptation and loss and damage finance as well as donor perspectives.

    Relevant themes include:

    • Eligibility and access modalities for climate change adaptation and loss and damage finance
    • Current distribution and beneficiaries of international adaptation finance
    • How to prioritise the most vulnerable including who that is
    • Role of funding criteria and how to measure them
    • Assigning responsibilities for loss and damage
    • Measuring and responding to non-economic losses
    • Procedural justice for governing adaptation and loss and damage finance
    • Linkages of adaptation and loss and damage finance with capacity building
    • Considering the risk of maladaptation in adaptation finance
    • Commonalities and differences between finance for adaptation and for loss and damage from a normative perspective


    Please register by 15 February at: .