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  • Jan

    Members Lecture with Tobias Kümmerle

    Rewilding the Anthropocene

    26 January 2024, 13.15-14.45
    Hybrid: at IRI THESys & on Zoom

    Restoration of landscapes and ecosystems is increasingly seen as central for maintaining and regaining ecological integrity in the Anthropocene. Rewilding focuses on restoring ecological functionality, and is rapidly gaining traction. At the same time, rewilding concepts have been heavily criticized, for example for enforcing an artificial nature/culture dichotomy, for being harmful for biodiversity or people, or for diverting conservation attention.

    In this talk, THESys Member Prof. Tobias Kümmerle will review the concept of rewilding, revisit debates around rewilding, and provide examples of his work on identifying rewilding opportunities in Europe.