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    EdiCitNet Global Lunch Talk #11

    The new Edible Cities Network Platform: Introducing the world's meeting place for sustainable urban food systems

    01 December 2023, 11.00-12.00

    Over the past five years, the Edible Cities Network has tirelessly worked on the mission to make our cities greener, more sustainable and socially resilient.

    We now present the centerpiece of our work: the Edible Cities Network online platform.The newly created website combines all resources, previous platforms, lessons learned, and most importantly the connections that were made during the project. It aims to connect and inspire changemakers from all over the world within a dynamic hub where you can find everything related to edible cities, be it a library of free resources, impact-monitoring tools, a vast catalogue of edible city initiatives and so much more.In this webinar, the facilitators will give us a tour of the newly-created platform and show us how cities can make use of the tools to become edible. You will have the chance to create your own profile and stay connected to like-minded people from the edible city community.

    The workshop will be facilitated by Josep Pueyo-Ros from the Catalan Institute for Water Research and Nataša Atanasova from the University of Ljubljana.


    Find out more about the event and register on the EdiCitNet website.