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    EdiCitNet Global Lunch Talk #12

    Making Cities Edible MOOC Launch: Cultivating Sustainable Urban Environments

    15 February 2024, 12.00-13.00
    Online (please reserve a spot on the EdiCitNet wesbite)

    In the twelfth edition of the "Edible Cities Network Global Lunch Talks: Urban Food Innovation", the EdiCitNet project will launch its Massive Open Online Course "Making Cities Edible: Cultivating Sustainable Urban Environments", one of the biggest outcomes of the whole project! This online course will explore the fascinating intersection of urban development and food production, unraveling the full potential of Edible City Solutions.

    Free online course: how to become a catalyst for change and to shape the cities of tomorrow

    Edible City Solutions go beyond vertical gardens, rooftop farms, community gardens and urban aquaponics. They embody a holistic approach to urban development, incorporating elements such as biodiversity conservation, waste reduction, water recycling, social engagement and co-creation.

    Are you planning to start your edible city initiative, start-up or (social) business and you need some guidance on how to do that? Are you considering adding a social component to your business and looking for best practices on doing that? Are you working for the local municipality and would like to learn more about incorporating Edible City Solutions into urban planning? Are you simply curious about the future of cities? Throughout the course, we will delve into the many benefits of Edible City Solutions, including improved food access, enhanced urban resilience, reduced ecological footprints, innovative techniques and strengthened community bonds.

    Led by a team of expert instructors with extensive knowledge in urban agriculture, sustainability and community development, this free online course will provide you with a comprehensive understanding and theoretical and practical knowledge of Edible City Solutions. Through engaging lectures, interactive discussions, and practical case studies from around the globe, you will gain the necessary tools and insights to become a catalyst for change in your own community and to shape the cities of tomorrow.


    Ina Säumel (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, IRI THESys, Germany) will briefly introduce the Edible Cities Network project and its main outcomes.

    Nienke Bouwhuis (Groen010 Rotterdam, The Netherlands) will talk about Rotterdam's achievements as an Edible City Living Lab and ways to go forward.

    Ruth Smart (Brighton & Hove Food Partnership, UK) will talk about the Community Kitchen and its important role in making Brighton & Hove more edible.

    Nataša Atanasova (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia) will present the Design and Planning Tool of the Edible Cities Network Platform, with which you can estimate potential yields and needed resources either for your individual garden or for urban neighborhoods, enhancing the edible city planning process.

    Helene Gallis (founder of Nabolagshager, senior advisor of FRAGMENT, Norway) will talk about placemaking and the social impacts a community garden can make.


    Please reserve a spot on the EdiCitNet wesbite