Alumna (Doctoral Researcher)

Anaïs Dresse, after graduating from Marburg University in 2010 with a Master Degree in Peace and Conflict Studies, specialized in Human Rights Law, obtaining a LL.M. in International Public Law from Tilburg University, the Netherlands. After her studies, she gained practical experience in the field, working as a Junior Technical Assistant in charge of Knowledge Management and Action Research for a public health project implemented by the Belgian Development Agency in Benin, and as a United Nations Volunteer in Environment with UNDP.

Since October 2014, Anaïs joined the IRI THESys Research Group “Integrative Geography” led by Prof. Dr. Jonas Østergaard Nielsen. Her research project will explore the human-environment nexus of conflicts with an interdisciplinary approach. Moving beyond natural resources as a source of conflict, she will try to identify the conditions under which natural resources can act as peace-builder rather than conflict creator, thereby researching the relatively new notions of environmental peacemaking and peacebuilding.

Research Interests

How can shared natural resources contribute to peace?
  • Environmental peacebuilding and conflict transformation
  • Political ecology and sustainable development
  • Interdisciplinary research
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