Guest Researcher

Anna Clot-Garrell holds a PhD in Sociology and is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Centre for the Study of Culture, Politics & Society (CECUPS), Department of Sociology, University of Barcelona. Her current research focuses on socio-ecological transformations, integrating social theory with grounded qualitative methodologies. Over the past five years, Anna has led two research projects supported by the Juan de la Cierva Spanish National Program, addressing these transformations. Her first project, ‘The Politics of Imagined Climate Futures’ (2020-2021), examined how adverse views of climate futures underpin present thematisations of climate change and shape collective action. This work opened new research avenues to explore the critical potential that analysing past futures offers to our understanding of present futures as well as provided a solid foundation for further exploration of critical socio-material interactions. Currently, Anna leads the project ‘The Ruins of the Anthropocene’ (2022-2025), which explores the promised futures that turned out to be failed through the lens of situated processes of decay and transformation of carbon-intensive infrastructures. During her research stay at the IRI THESys between May and July 2024, Anna will work on her current project and associated publications, engaging with the IRI THESys’s expertise in the area of infrastructure and energy.

Research Interests

  • Social Imaginaries of Climate Future(s)
  • Historical Trajectories of Industrial Infrastructures
  • Collective Climate Action
  • Postindustrial Ecologies
  • More-than-human sociology


Clot-Garrell, Anna. (2023) “Thinking through ruination”. Special Issue. Open-Access. Digithum.

Clot-Garrell, Anna. (2023) “Voices of Emergency: Imagined Climate Futures and Forms of Collective Action”. Current Sociology, OnlineFirst. 00113921231182179.

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Twitter: @clot_anna