Doctoral Researcher

David Meng-Chuen Chen is a doctoral researcher at IRI THESys and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK). He completed his BSc. in International Agriculture and Food Systems at McGill University (2015) and MSc. at the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin in Integrated Natural Resource Management (2020). His master’s thesis produced projections of the future of global municipal solid waste production and its consequent environmental impacts.

David’s PhD is centred around the resilience of the global food system to sudden shocks, and investigating agro-economic mechanisms that can improve such resilience. He conducts this research as part of the Land Use Group at PIK, primarily by applying and developing statistical and process-based models.

Research Interests

  • Global Food System and Climate Impacts
  • Municipal Solid Waste
  • Statistical and Optimization Modelling

Selected Publications

Chen DM, Bodirsky BL, Krueger T, Mishra A, Popp A. 2020. The world’s growing municipal solid waste: Trends and impacts. Environmental Research Letters 15(7) 074021. | DOI

Dietrich JP, Bodirsky BL, Humpenöder F, Weindl I, Stevanović M, Karstens K, Kreidenweis U, Wang X, Mishra A, Klein D, Ambrósio G, Araujo E, Yalew AW, Baumstark L, Wirth S, Giannousakis A, Beier F, Chen DMC, Lotze-Campen H, Popp A. 2019, MAgPIE 4–a modular open-source framework for modeling global land systems. Geoscientific Model Development 12(4). | DOI

Chen DM, Tucker B, Badami MG, Ramankutty N, Rhemtulla JM. 2016. A multi-dimensional metric for facilitating sustainable food choices in campus cafeterias. Journal of Cleaner Production 135(1351-1362). | DOI

Chen DM, Whalen JK. 2016. Climate change in the North China Plain: smallholder farmer perceptions and adaptations in Quzhou County, Hebei Province. Climate Research 69(3). | DOI


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