Doctoral Researcher

Julia Behringer is a doctoral researcher at the Department of Agriculture and Food Policy in the Albrecht Daniel Thaer-Institute at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin funded by DAAD. Her main research interests are citizen participation in public and private food governance, global democracy, sustainable agricultural transitions, political discourse, and e-government. Julia has a background as a journalist with a Master’s degree in Environment and Development Studies from King’s College London. Before moving to Germany, Julia was a Communications Manager at the Centre for Agriculture and Bioscience International (CABI) in the UK and Switzerland. In 2015/16, she was a German Chancellor’s Fellow with the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

Research Interests

  • Democratic accountability and legitimacy
  • Sustainable agri-food system transitions
  • Citizen and consumer participation


Food democracy in global governance: participation and power in partnerships to end hunger and malnutrition

Selected Publications

Behringer, J. and P. H. Feindt (2019). How shall we judge agri-food governance? Legitimacy claims in food democracy and co-regulation discourse, Politics and Governance, 7(4): 119-130. Access here.

Dennis, J. and P.H. Feindt (2018) Contesting the norms of public-private co-regulation of the agri-food system: Assessing the ideational power of the food democracy discourse. Conference Paper. Hamburg: European Consortium for Political Research General Conference.

Dennis, J., P.H. Feindt and F. Fischer (2018). The Climate-Food-Democracy Nexus: A comparative analysis of linkages between democracy, food and climate policy. Conference Paper. Frankfurt am Main: 27. Kongress der Deutsche Vereinigung für Politikwissenschaft Kongress.

Dennis, J. (2016). Empowering Civil Society in Europe: The Case of Germany’s Global Food Security Strategy. Conference Paper. Rome: Democratizing Food Governance Conference.

Behringer, J. (2019). What is Food Democracy? Analysis of Participation and Power in Agri-food Governance. Poster. Prato: British Sociological Association, Food Study Group Conference.

Hobbs, S., Dennis, J. and W. Otieno(2013) Innovations in Knowledge Transfer for Smallholder Farmers: Plantwise Knowledge Bank. Poster. Noordwijk, Netherlands: 1st International Conference on Global Food Security.

Stakeholder interviews videos for book: Listening to the Silent Patient: Uganda’s Journey Towards Institutionalizing Inclusive Plant Health Services (2015). CABI and Royal Tropical Institute, the Netherlands. Print and Web.

Dennis, J. and T.R.Popp (2018) Von der Demo zu einem Gesellschaftsvertrag für die Landwirtschaft? In Euractiv, Berlin.

Dennis, J. (2015) On the sidelines of COP21 – The Global Landscapes Forum. In Germanwatch, Berlin.

Dennis, J. (2015) World Food Day 2015: 7 Actions for a More Food Secure Future. In Eat Drink Better.

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