Doctoral Researcher

María José Vásquez is a doctoral researcher in climate change adaptation. Her research highlights that even though climate adaptation projects are taking place all around the world, it does not necessarily translate into enhanced adaptative capacity, resilience or reduced vulnerability. The doctoral research intends to identify how climate change adaptation progresses in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). The objective is to analyze whether the adaptation projects implemented are meeting the adaptation needs of the region and to examine the specific climate change impacts that these projects aim to address within the LAC context. The research also aims to strengthen M&E adaptation systems.

María José has specialized in climate change adaptation policies and its implementation for over a decade. She works at the Global Center on Adaptation as Senior Program Officer and has been a National Delegate to the UNFCCC since 2014. She has worked with international and national organizations as advisor on climate change. She has a joint European master’s degree in Environmental Studies, cities and sustainability.

Research Interests

  • Climate change adaptation
  • Climate Justice
  • Sustainable cities

Selected Publications

Traffic Light Assessment Report (Oct 2023)

Reflections on the June Climate Conference (June 2023)  

Paris Agreement NDC Ambition Contributions. Country Assessments – CVF Climate Survival Leadership Barometer (2022)

Major et al. (2021) Adaptation to climate change in small island settlements, Ocean & Coastal Management, Volume 212, 2021, 105789, ISSN 0964-5691,

Pérez, M. & Vásquez, M.J. (2020) Cambio climático y COVID-19: seis ideas clave para blindar el desarrollo local (2020)

Vásquez, M.J. (2019) “Desafíos para la resiliencia climática a nivel local en Costa Rica,” Ambientico, (ISSN 1409-214X), pp. 34–39

Vásquez, M. J. (2014) “Educación para el desarrollo sostenible (EDS) – un posicionamiento de jóvenes progresistas en América Central -” Friedrich Ebert Stiftung. Available at: