Project Staff EdiCitNet

Marisa Pettit joined  IRI THESys in 2021 as a project coordination assistant for the EdiCitNet. She has a BA in Modern Languages and Cultures from the University of Manchester and an MA in Latin American Studies, with a focus on Social Anthropology and Political Ecology, from Freie Universität Berlin. She has previously worked in outreach, communications and research for NGOs and political foundations in Ecuador, Guatemala and Germany.

Research Interests

  • Socio-environmental discourses and dynamics
  • Urban innovation for sustainability
  • Science communication and education


Plassnig, S.N., Pettit, M., Reichborn-Kjennerud, K., Säumel, I. (2022). Successful scaling of Edible City Solutions to promote food citizenship and sustainability in food system transitions. Front. Sustain. Cities 4: 1032836. doi: 10.3389/frsc.2022.1032836