Doctoral Researcher

Marvin Heine is an environmental sociologist and is deeply interested in the senses, their phenomenology, mediations, and politics. He is a doctoral researcher at the IRI THESys and is associated with the ERC ‘Wavematters’ project (PI: Ignacio Farías).

His master’s thesis has been about city soundscapes and how these shape and are shaped by urban cultures and particular ways of listening. With the goal to raise perceptual and political awareness, Marvin organizes workshops, holds presentations, and conducts regular public ‘soundwalks’.

For his Ph.D. project, Marvin investigates how shared experiences of forest fires coalesce into affective atmospheres and how these give rise to distinctive understandings and implementations of catastrophe prevention and management policies.

Research Interests

  • Anthropology of the Senses
  • Environmental Sociology
  • Disaster Studies


Heine, Marvin (2023). Resonant Fabrics – Listening to Urban Worlds. Bielefeld: Transcript.