Alumni (Student Assistant)

Pascal Kraft studies Geography at the Humboldt-Universität, has been active in the Sustainability Office HU since the winter semester 2018, is a co-founder of Students For Future HU and has been co-deputy for Ecology and Environmental Protection at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin since June 2022.

In addition to his studies, Pascal Kraft has worked a lot on sustainable development at universities and has co-initiated and accompanied various projects here:

In 2019, together with freelancers and students from various universities, he organized the fifth Generation Sustainability, a student symposium sponsored by the Humboldt University Society (HUG).

In the Sustainable University Commission, he and other students are involved in the climate protection strategy of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, and with the Democratic Universities Network (#unserberlHG), he got involved in the amendment process of the Berlin Higher Education Act in order to argue for sustainable and climate-friendly development of the higher education landscape on the legal basis of the universities as well.

Pascal Kraft gained professional experience for 3 years at the regional development company BE.Solution, as well as at netzwerk n, an association which is committed to an overall institutional change at universities in the sense of sustainable development.

Since May 2022, Pascal Kraft has now held the student coordination position for the Humboldt Scholarship ‘Sustainability and Global Justice’ at IRI THESys, which this year will address the light and dark sides of the mobility transition.

Research Interests

  • Sustainable Development (especially at universities)
  • Soil science & Community Supported Agriculture
  • Climate-friendly mobility

Social Media

Find Pascal on Twitter and ResearchGate.

Photo credit: Tina Merkau