Alumna (Guest Researcher)

Roberta is a doctoral researcher at São Paulo University in Brazil and currently is a visiting researcher at the Department of Agriculture and Food Policy in the Albrecht Daniel Thaer-Institute at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and IRI Thesys. Her research focuses on social participation and urban food policies in São Paulo municipality. During her master course of Applied Ecology (2020) she studied the multiples roles of urban agriculture also in São Paulo/SP. After her bachelor in Environmental Engineering (2010), she worked as an environmental consultant and has experience in sustainability, climate change and food systems in public, private and academic sectors.

Research Interests

  • Food democracy
  • Food policy
  • Food governance


Food democracy in São Paulo municipality: food movements and public policies

Selected Publications

CURAN, ROBERTA MORAES. Food Democracy Analysis. In: 2nd International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Spatial Methods for Urban Sustainability (SMUS Conference), 2022, São Paulo. Abstracts Booklet, 2022.

MARQUES, PAULO EDUARDO MORUZZI; LE BEL, PIERRE-MATHIEU; LEÃO, VITÓRIA OLIVEIRA PEREIRA DE SOUZA; CURAN, ROBERTA MORAES. Justiça ecológica como bússola para ações em favor da agricultura urbana e periurbana. Revista de economia e sociologia rural. v.59, p.1 – , 2021.

CURAN, ROBERTA MORAES; MARQUES, PAULO EDUARDO MORUZZI. Multifuncionalidade da agricultura urbana e periurbana: uma revisão sistemática. ESTUDOS AVANÇADOS (ONLINE). v.35, p.209 – 224, 2021.

LE BEL, P. M.; MORUZZI MARQUES, P. E.; CURAN, ROBERTA MORAES; De Souza Leao V.O.P; SANTOS, M. Le droit à l’accès comme principe de justice en agriculture urbaine et périurbaine. Revue Francophone du Développement Durable. , v.15, p.72 – 90, 2020.

CURAN, ROBERTA MORAES. Multiple functions of agroecological based urban agriculture: a study in East Zone of São Paulo municipality/SP (2020).

LE BEL, P. M.; MORUZZI MARQUES, P. E.; CURAN, ROBERTA MORAES.; De Souza Leao V.O.P; SANTOS, M. Access to land. The perspective of food sovereignty on sustainable development through the example of urban and peri-urban agriculture in São Paulo In: Paradigms, Models, Scenarios and Practices for Strong Sustainability.1ed ed.: Clermont Ferrand: Editions Oeconomia, 2020, p. 183-196.

ROTONDARO, T.; BONILHA, A.; ASSAHIRA, C.; CAMARGO, C. R.; CURAN, ROBERTA MORAES. ODS 2 – Fome Zero e agricultura sustentável In: Objetivos do Desenvolvimento Sustentável – Desafios para o planejamento e a governança ambiental na Macrometrópole Paulista.1ed ed.Santo André: Editora UFABC, 2020, p. 67-.


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