Postdoctoral Researcher

Shuxin Luo is a postdoctoral researcher at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin & IGB Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries. She works on the CliWaC project with Prof. Dr. Doerthe Tetzlaff. Her research focus is on quantifying the effects of future climate change and land-use changes on water partitioning in the Berlin-Brandenburg region using ecohydrological models.

Prior to joining CliWaC, Shuxin received her BEng in Environmental Engineering (2017) and BSc in International Economics and Trade (2018) from Beijing Normal University where she started her research on wetlands in the Yellow River Delta. After that, she moved south to Hong Kong to study the ecohydrological responses of mangrove swamps to climatic and hydrological changes as a PhD student, with her main study area in southern China. In 2021, she received her PhD in Water and Environmental Engineering from The University of Hong Kong.

Research Interests

  • Ecohydrological modelling
  • Climate impacts
  • Land-use effects

Selected Publications

Shuxin Luo, Ye Yang, and Ting Fong May Chui. Tidal responses of groundwater level and salinity in a silty mangrove swamp of different topographic characteristics. Journal of Hydrology, 591 (2020): 125598.

Shuxin Luo & Ting Fong May Chui. Annual variations in regional mangrove cover in southern China and potential macro-climatic and hydrological indicators. Ecological Indicators, 110 (2020): 105927.

Shuxin Luo, Dongdong Shao, Wei Long, Yajiao Liu, Tao Sun, Baoshan Cui. Assessing ‘coastal squeeze’ of wetlands at the Yellow River Delta in China: A case study. Ocean and coastal management, 2018 (153): pp. 193-202.

Shaoyan Zheng, Dongdong Shao, Takashi Asaeda, Tao Sun, Shuxin Luo, Ming Cheng. Modeling the growth dynamics of Spartina alterniflora and the effects of its control measures. Ecological Engineering, 2016 (97): pp.144-156.

Shuxin Luo, Xinyue Wan, Xinyue Xiong, Ying Bi, Dongdong Shao. Impacts of “Coastal Squeeze” on Loss of Coastal Wetlands and Countermeasures: A Review. Wetland Science (in Chinese), 2015 (13): pp. 778-784.