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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - IRI THESys

ginkoo: Management of integrative innovation processes: new forms of institutional and regional coordination for sustainable land management

Photo: Ines BruchmannThe focus of our transdisciplinary research project “ginkoo” is to investigate means to organise more integrative innovation processes for sustainable land management. The objective is to develop new ways for coordinating land use and consumption. Starting point is the real life situation of farmers, consumers and other local stakeholders, the sustainability challenges they are coping with and their innovative ideas to contribute to sustainable land management. Actors involved in developing sustainable land management innovations need to handle more complex innovation processes to develop locally adapted and globally relevant solutions for challenges such as agricultural-biodiversity, relationship between farmers and producers, animal husbandry or new financing models. The research team accompanies project practise partners and local stakeholders on their innovation journey by developing pilots aiming to support the development process of systemic innovations in two case studies.

Photo: Lukas WortmannIn the biosphere reserve “Spreewald” the actors are searching for new solutions to valorize on marginal low-level moors in order to maintain typical cultural landscape by new regional coordination forms between agriculture and tourism.

Second, we are elaborating concepts of sustainable animal husbandry and new financing models for small and medium-sized farms aiming at a systemic solution for ethical challenges associated with egg production and financing.

ginkoo develops scientific and practical results at two levels: case study and analytic.

Outputs at case study level will be tailor-made tools which fit our stakeholders` needs developing their solutions. These tools shall help:

  • assessing ex ante the sustainability of an innovation,
  • facilitating a higher acceptance of products and services,
  • developing adequate cooperation models and governance strategies,
  • managing customer relation,
  • assessing the feasibility of an innovation,
  • optimizing knowledge management.

The main output at the analytical level will be to derive transferable tools for innovation processes managed by small and medium sized stakeholders and networks. We will finally integrate all tools in one transferable innovation management model.

We implement our project in 8 Work Packages: See here

Research Group: Innovative sustainable land management
Photo: Kerstin Wortmann


Lukas Wortmann, Project Coordination
Phone: +49 (030) 2093-66348
E-Mail: lukas.wortmann@agrar.hu-berlin.de

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