Support and opposition to mining: two cases from rural Mexico

PhD Project

The mining industry extracts and mobilizes billions of tons of materials all over the earth every year. It can literally plunder mountains into ashes and build new ones of trash and wastes. From a very modest beginning in history, it has turned into a major planetary force that changes the structure and composition of the planetary surface and the atmosphere, transforming our world into another one completely different.

What are the impacts of this voracious industry on the lives of people? What are the effects of its practices, and what are the reactions to them? Through ethnographic work, this research seeks to create a portrait of the contemporary mining industry: its structural integration with modern capitalism, its relationship with the coloniality of power, and the dynamics of social resistance against it, based on two cases from Mexico.

This research is developed as a doctoral research at the IRI THESys and the Institut für Europäische Ethnologie (IfEE) of the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, supported by a Doctoral Research Grant from the Deutscher Akademisher Austausch Dienst (DAAD).

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