Alumnus (Doctoral Researcher)

Hoseung Jung (hosŋ ʒəŋ, 정호승) was a doctoral researcher at IRI THESys from 2017 to 2023. He studied environmental engineering and management in an Erasmus Mundus master’s program at Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg, Germany and Aalborg University, Denmark. He wrote his master’s thesis at Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (IGB), Berlin, which focused on dynamics of nitrogen in river sediment. After graduating from his master’s degree, he worked as a researcher at Korea Environment Institute on a project for developing a national water policy.

Research Interests

  • Coupling of ecological and hydrological knowledge
  • Uncertainty in hydrochemical monitoring data and modelling
  • Decision making under uncertainty

Selected Publications

Arce, M. I., D. von Schiller, M. M. Bengtsson, C. Hinze, H. Jung, R. Alves, T. Urich, and G. Singer (2018), Drying and Rainfall Shape the Structure and Functioning of Nitrifying Microbial Communities in Riverbed Sediments, Front. Microbiol, 9, 2797.

Jung, H., C. Senf, P. Jordan, and T. Krueger (2020), Benchmarking inference methods for water quality monitoring and status classification, Environmental monitoring and assessment, 192(4), 1-17.

Jung, H., C. Senf, B. Beudert, and T. Krueger (2021), Bayesian hierarchical modeling of nitrate concentration in a forest stream affected by large‐scale forest dieback, Water Resources Research, 57(2), e2020WR027264.


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