Unpacking the agricultural frontier in the Peruvian Amazon: How policies influence land use in the Amazon social-ecological system

PhD Project

This dissertation analyses the influence of policies on the dynamics at the agricultural frontier in the Peruvian Amazon. The management of the Peruvian Amazon has tended to focus on its abundant resources, with agriculture at the centre. However, such focus overlooks the region’s complexity, which comprises vast biodiversity and several cultural expressions from indigenous peoples and other human groups. Developing policies that allow the integral management of this complex region requires a more in-depth look. It means looking at how policy decisions affect the social and ecological components of the Peruvian Amazon system and their interrelations. This research contributes to deepening the current view on the region. It rests on a novel theoretical articulation. Combining Historical Institutionalism and Discursive Institutionalism with the perspective of Social-Ecological Systems, the project builds on the first steps of the Resilience Policy Design (RPD) framework (Feindt et al., 2020).

The research is funded by a DAAD scholarship.