To support the dialogue between science and society, as well as researchers across different disciplines, IRI THESys holds both external and internal events. This includes lecture series, summer universities and panel discussions open to the public, and participative workshops, colloquiums and activities for IRI THESys. Browse through our past and upcoming events to find out more.

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  • Apr

    THESys Colloquium

    Summer semester 2024

    Bi-weekly on Fridays, 13.15–14.45
    IRI THESys, Rudower Chaussee 12B, room 3.25, and online

    The colloquium offers PhD students, but also other researchers, a platform to present their research to an interdisciplinary and international community of scholars.

    If you have any questions, please contact the Graduate Program Coordinator Wiebke Hampel ().

    Semester Program

    April 26th:

    • Nadine Schröder: Order with(out) design in polycentric governance systems: The role of independence and multiplicity in decision-making for WFD implementation processes, performance and redesign.
      (HU Berlin: THESys Graduate Program)

    May 3rd:

    • Mehwish Zuberi: Unfolding (constrained) spatial imaginaries of smallholder farmers through participatory knowledge
      mapping and strategy evaluation in South Punjab, Pakistan
      (HU Berlin: THESys Graduate Program / RG: Integrative Geography)
    • Aditya Korekallu Srinivasa: Understanding Farmers' Policy Preferences for Solar Powered Irrigation Systems in Karnataka, India: A Choice Experiment Approach
      (HU Berlin: IRI THESys GP / RG: Agrifood Chain Management)

    May 17th:

    • Cristián Flores: Lithium and green hydrogen in the context of Chile-EU relations: contested territorialization, infrastructure and spatially uneven development of global green policy
      (HU Berlin: THESys GP / RG: Hydrology & Society)
    • Grace E. Leonnig: Organic Farmers’ Regional Groups for facilitation of farmer-to-farmer and multi-actor knowledge exchange and co-innovation
      (HU Berlin: THESys Graduate Program)

    May 31st:

    • Katharina Bäumler: What role for science in constituting soil health as a policy-problem? The example of soil compaction in Germany
      (HU Berlin: THESys Graduate Program / Thünen Institute Braunschweig)
    • Lydia Finzel: Unpacking capacity for local climate action: mechanisms shaping the effect of organisational capacity on policy implementation
      (HU Berlin, Resource Economics)

    June 14th:

    • David Chen: Local food futures - quantifying benefits and trade-offs of more localized diets in a global context
      (PIK / THESys Graduate Program)
    • Mohammed Bascher: Multi-objective multidisciplinary planning and management of large river basins
      (Assistant Professor, University of Toronto)

    June 28th:

    • Marie Pratzer: Land use and control in South American dry forests: mapping co-occuring land uses
      (HU Berlin: THESys Graduate Program / Biogeography)
    • Jamie Burton: Mapping Livestock Frontiers in South America's Tropical Dry Forests
      (HU Berlin: THESys Graduate Program / Biogeography)

    July 12th:

    • Denis Momanyi: Agricultural climate change adaptation as a sustainable land management pathway: A latent class systems of equations approach
      (HU Berlin: THESys Graduate Program / Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF))
    • Clemens Jänicke: Can we estimate farm size from field size? An empirical investigation of the field size to farm size relationship
      (HU Berlin: THESys Graduate Program / Geography Department)